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If you’re new to international shipping and have questions about how it all works, the team at Globex Freight Management will be happy to help. Based in Ipswich we support a diverse range of clients from across the UK and beyond.

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Below you will find a wide range of questions we at Globex Freight Management get asked about often. From questions about sea shipping to how our services work post-Brexit, we aim to offer the answer. If you can’t see your own question don’t worry, our friendly team is only a call or message away.

  • What is RH&D?
    RH&D is rehandling and delivery.
  • What’s the freight rate?
    The freight rates will fluctuate with the market month to month, please get in contact with us so we can offer you the best rates on a job-by-job basis.
  • Do you do haulage?
    Yes. We do not operate our own trucks but we have several close partners who we work with.
  • What are your storage rates?
    Prices vary depending on your requirements. Please get in touch with us to see what pallet and/or parcel rates we can offer you.
  • Are you a bonded warehouse?
    We are not currently a bonded warehouse.
  • Do you handle personal effects?
    We tend not to handle personal effects.
  • Do you move vehicles?
    We do not specialise in this but on occasion we have shipped vehicles.
  • Do you store or move hazardous goods?
    We currently do not have a license to store hazardous goods. We can though, arrange the third party movement of hazardous goods from destination to port to delivery point.
  • What are your terms and conditions?
    Please see the links below to the standards we adhere to: Bifa UKWA We also have our own trading and warehousing Ts and Cs.
  • How long can you store my goods for?
    We can store for as little as one day to an indeterminate timeframe depending on your storage needs.
  • Is there anywhere you don’t ship to?
    We can arrange shipments to anywhere in the world. Currently Ireland is more difficult due to post-Brexit agreements, but it is not impossible.
  • What are your standard pick and pack times?
    We offer next day delivery as the shortest turnaround time.
  • Are there any goods you don’t ship/handle?
    We do not handle live animals, bonded goods or Class 1 Hazardous Goods (explosives).
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Want to know more about our overseas shipping services? Speak to our head office team in Ipswich today.

01394 676162

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